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#INTERVIEW - Pr Chraïbi: "N'importe qui peut tomber dans le piège d'une grossesse non-désirée"

🇺🇸Fmirikane, lm7kama l3ouliya katlghi l7a9 doustouri fl2ijhad… Wflmghrib🇲🇦? Lprofesseur Chafik Chraïbi, ra2iss jam3iate AMLAC, kaychrah lina koul mayata3ala9 bl2ijhad flmghrib… 🇺🇸In the US, the Supreme Court has ended constitutional right to an abortion… What about 🇲🇦? Professor Chafik Chraïbi, founder of the Moroccan association against clandestine abortion (AMLAC) explains the situation. @chafikchraibi_officiel

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