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#INTERVIEW - Aziza Nait Sibaha : "L'riyada lil jami3" ⚽️✨

« Riyada lil jami3 » ⚽️✨ @naitsibahaaziza in the house, dwat lina 3la son documentaire 3la l’fari9 nisswi l’maghribi dial l’kora « Labo2at Al Atlas »🇲🇦 Et Mebrouk l’ « Labo2at Al Atlas » 3la ta2ahol dialhom l’demi-finale f la CAN. 🎊 « Sport is for everyone ! »⚽️✨ @naitsibahaaziza in the house, she talked about her documentary about the Moroccan women’s soccer team « Atlas Lionesses »🇲🇦 And congratulations to « Atlas Lionesses » team for the qualification to the semi-final of the CAN. 🎊

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