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#INTERVIEW - Fatima Zahra Amzkar, katiba maghribiya ✍🏼

F lwelw dial Juin, 7eydiu l’ktab dial Fatima Zahra Amzkar mn lma3rid dawli li nachr alkitab. 3lach ? B sbab l’3onwan dial riwaya : « Modakirat Mitliya »… Fatima Zahra Amzkar is a Moroccan novelist. Her book was removed from the selection of the 27th annual moroccan book fair (SIEL) this year… just because of its title : « Lesbian Diaries ». And all of this happened in June 2022… Right in the middle of #pridemonth, a worldwide celebration of LGBTQ rights. In an exclusive interview, the writer describes her reaction, and how she’s been feeling these past weeks. 📚

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