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SOROKHITI Saison 2 - ep 2 : avec Asma Lamrabet

Is Islam compatible with gender equality ? For us, had sou2al kan khassou full épisode dial #SOROKHTI. Dakchi 3lach khtarina njawbou 3lih m3a the one & only : Asma Lamrabet, moufakira maghribia kbira ! Chkoun hya Asmaa Lamrabet ? She is a doctor in biology... w she is also writer kbira f mawdou3 l'islam. Daret 9ira2a dialha l9or2an w khrej menha a real a cry of the heart : "YES, t9deri tkouni mouslima AND feminist !" #GenderEquality, #Feminisms, #Patriarchy, #Inheritance, #Metoo movement...Welcome to an in-depth conversation with our host Sara Sefiani, w li khasskoum tferjou fiha !

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